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A grape, wearing a raspberry.

I am froot.
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Words of Emotion
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is he wearing a “u mad bro” shirt?
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@FlauntMagazine: Time to see our @nickjonas cover! Featuring @SupraFootwear & @WH_Studio. Full feature on soon!
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So, I paint my nails pretty regularly these days. I also work as a barista/cashier pretty regularly these days. A few weeks back, I had a customer come in, a fairly typical, sheltered, suburban soccer mom, and she ordered a latte from me. She saw my brightly colored nails and said, “Wow, you’re so brave! My son asked me about painting his nails, and if it’s okay for boys to do that. Now I’ll tell him there’s a cool guy who does it too!” It was a nice moment, very cute.
Then, last week, she came in again, and said, “Hey, I’m so glad you’re here! I want you to meet someone!” She then brings her son forward, and says, “Okay sweetie, show him what you did!” And he throws his hands up, showing off his bright, sparkling blue nails. He shows them off, and I show mine off to him. He smiles. We fist bump.
Guys, I’ve only wanted to cry once at work before, and that was when someone ordered a large dry soy cappuccino on ice.
This time, though. This was a good cry.
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hold up



okay. I found this website that has a collection of people who made their prom outfits out of duct tape, yes, DUCT TAPE.

i meanimage

can we all just take a moment


to appreciate all of the hard workimage

that must have gone into these outfits


like damn, that is a lot of duct tape and dedication

good job guys

There is actually a competition run by duck tape for the best duck tape prom dress and suit. I believe the winner gets like a ton of scholarship money!

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the spell can only be broken by true love’s high-five

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if you say you don’t know the lyrics to at least one high school musical song then you are lying

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